Friday, March 25, 2011

Presented by American Legion Bethel Memorial Post 760

In memory of Joseph A. Marnick

The New York Times presents smarter by Sunday

In memory of George A. Reich

The killing of Crazy Horse

In memory of Robert J. Piel

Atlantic : great sea battles ...

In memory of Thomas J. Cevarr

Cultures of war

In memory of William Noll

A captain's duty

In memory of Angelo Pennetti


In memory of John McDermott


The last stand

In memory of Mildred Miller

Presented by Bethel Woman's Club

Fiesta at Rick's Gourmet cookie book

In memory of Dorothy Mann

Presented by Bob & JoAnn Wiesen

In memory Lucille McGurk

Presented by Daniel & Andrea Groves

In memory of Laurice Frederickson

Presented by Janet Barger

Presented by David R. DiBello

Great easy meals

In memory of Flight 93 Shanksville, PA 9-11-01

Presented by Doree Buckley

Healing light

In memory of Clarence Nicholson

Presented by Elaine Good

In memory of Augusta Mathias

Presented by Donna Skinnell & Sally O'Matz

Friday, March 11, 2011

In honor of Mrs. Simpson
Presented by David Perez

Big rig bugs

In honor of Mrs. Mills & Mrs. Hirsh
Presented by Elise Perez


In honor of Ms. Rylander -5th grade teacher at Neil Armstong
Presented by Lily Farmerie


In honor of Mr. Yost 5th grade teacher Neil Armstrong
Presented by Lily Farmerie

When you reach me

In honor of Mrs. Capuzzie - Retirement 2nd grade teacher Ben Franklin
Presented by the Farmerie Family

Ling & Ting

In honor of Ms. Paul - Retirment 3rd grade teacher Ben Franklin
Presented by Natalie Farmerie

Edgar Allan's official crime investigation notebook

In honor of Tom Ruppel - 80th birthday
Presented by Mary Ann Sebolt

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In memory of Betty Culbertson
Presented by Barbara Culbertson

Frank: the voice


Autobiography of Mark Twain Volume 1

Presented by Lois J. Stark

Extraordinary, ordinary people

Presented by Kathleen Dougherty

My spiritual journey


Presented by George & Michele Rose

Fab: an intimate life of Paul McCartney

Zero regrets

Presented by John & Karen Suszynski

A journey: my political life


Presented by Rich & Linda Vrboncic

The last boy

Conversations with myself

Presented by Dolores & Martin Schultz

With love and laughter, John Ritter

Presented by Claudia & Don Ziegler


White house diary

Presented by James & Debra George

Growing up laughing

Presented by James & Lia Stark

My reading life

Must you go

Presented by Sally Simmons


One from the Hart

Presented by Ann DeBortoli

The fiery Trail

Presented by Randy & Carolyn Herrlinger & Sons

Love brought me back

Louisa May Alcott

Presented by Tom & Janice Kennedy

The elephant to Hollywood

On the right track

Presented by Kevin & Mindy Keane

My passion for design

Ronald Reagan: 100 years

Presented by Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wenston

Washington: a life

Presented by Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Ryan

In memory of Ruby Paulin

Presented by the Bethel Woman's Club

Great thinkers of the western world

In memory of Dale S. Dunn

Presented by Municipality of Bethel Park's Planning & Zoning Commission members & staff

Masterpieces of world philosophy

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Where to go when Italy

Presented by Bethel Park Municipal Council, Mayor Morton & municipal staff

Sports illustrated: the hockey book